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    Harry's Puzzle

    Margate Mercury magazine puzzle answers

    Crossword no. 001


    1. Rescue craft (LIFEBOAT)

    5. Men might flex these on the beach (PECS)

    7. ___cream (ICE)

    8. Thanet’s circular bus service (LOOP)

    9. Became larger; expanded (GREW)

    10. Style of hat worn by Tommy Cooper (FEZ)

    12. Man-made cave (GROTTO)

    15. Outdoor swimming pool (LIDO)

    16. Not any (NO)

    17. Mary ______, divisive TV celebrity who came to ‘fix Margate’s high street’ in 2012 (PORTAS)

    20. Thick mist (FOG)

    21. Killer whale (ORCA)

    22. Land bordering the sea (SHORE)

    24. Attacked by, e.g. a wasp (STUNG)

    25. Likely to be found in Warpole Bay Tidal Pool (BATHER)

    26. Doggie doo should be put in one (BAG)



    1. Inflatable bed used on water (LILO)

    2. Backless sandal often worn on the beach (FLIP-FLOP)

    3. Light wind (BREEZE)

    4. What people might be doing on stage of the Theatre Royal (ACTING)

    5. Margate’s other main bird species (PIGEON)

    6. Top of a wave (CREST)

    11. Rock faces (CLIFFS)

    13. The UK’s second smallest theatre (TOM-THUMB)

    14. The Jolly Boys’ _____, episode of Only Fools and Horses filmed in Margate (OUTING)

    18. English landscape painter and Margate Gallery (TURNER)

    19. Spring is one (SEASON)

    23. Margate Mercury’s base, The___ (HUB)