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Workshy at Tom Thumb Theatre

Review by Clare Freeman

· Theatre

Last Friday evening I went to the lovely Tom Thumb Theatre to see Workshy, a humorous, honest and at times shocking account of one-woman's experiences of work in the UK, from fast-food restaurants, to drug dealing, to working as a webcam model.

We began the evening with a drink in the gorgeous upstairs bar at Tom Thumb. A great spot for a well-made cocktail and pre-show beverage.

Katy began by recounting her experiences working in the fast food chain Burger King. At several points she asked very personal questions to the audience - such as who had taken drugs and what people earn - which were then written on a flipboard at the front of the stage.

At one point she invited a member of the audience onstage to throw a tub of tomato ketchup at her; a tradition often performed at Burger King when someone leaves the company.

Half way through the show chips from a local chip shop arrived which were passed through the audience. At the same time, Katy urinated in a bottle on stage - a shocking sight, but not as shocking as when she then drank it to illustrate her work as a webcam model (Katy said many men asked her to do this when she worked as one).

At the end of the show the results from her questions to the audience were written on stage. Our Margate audience stats were funny - and worrying!...

Workshy gave a very personal, brutally-real insight into modern-day work. The small size of the venue and Katy's directness and honesty with the audience made it a very impactful show.

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