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'I Got Superpowers for My Birthday' at The Roundabout Festival

Review by Clare Freeman

· Theatre

It's not often I get to go to the theatre in the morning, so I was happy to get an invite from Paines Plough to see their theatre production - and world premiere - I Got Superpowers for My Birthday this morning. The show is part of the Roundabout Festival, a pop-up theatre event in town for this weekend only.

Outside the tent there was a long queue of excited schoolchildren eager to get their hands on their ticket and superhero sticker. This wasn't surprising as this show is aimed at children and tells the story of three heroes - Ethan, William and Fiona - who go on an adventure to save the planet using their newly-discovered superpowers.

The inside of the Roundabout Festival tent is small but beautiful, with cushioned seats surrounding the circular stage area and a concave ceiling dotted with multi-coloured lights. As the children took their seats the actors walked around shaking their hands and giving them high fives.

The show - written by award-winning writer Katie Douglas - was engaging, humorous and full of energy. The three heroes often sat in the audience and sometimes interacted with the children, giving them high fives or asking them questions. At one point a child did cry out 'I want my mummy!' but apart from this there was a lot of laughter and the children seemed captivated by the show.

Above all, I was really impressed by the clever use of sound and lighting. With only three plain-clothed actors and no props or costumes, both were brilliantly used to tell the story and depict the monsters - a gargoyle, goblin, slug and dragon - all also played by the actors.

I Got Superpowers for My Birthday is also showing tomorrow (24th September) at 1.30pm and Sunday (25th September) at 10.45am. Tickets are £5. Click here to view all the shows for the Roundabout Festival and book tickets.

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