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B Supreme at the Roundabout Festival

Review by Clare Freeman

· Theatre

Yesterday I headed to the Roundabout Festival tent in the afternoon to watch a hip hop dancing battle organized by B Supreme, a festival celebrating the work of women within hip hop culture. The show was fantastic and a lot of fun, with dancers of different ages taking to the stage to show off their hip hop moves.

The show begun with an explosion of energy as the crowd was invited to stand up and dance to the hip hop music, played throughout by a live DJ.

First to battle were the youngsters who were adorable and definitely talented! After each round the three judges chose their favourite dancer, leading to a final battle between two dancers.

The show ended with a battle from two experienced crews - 'I Love Myself' and 'B.'. The winners were chosen by the audience, who were asked to hold up cards according to who they wanted to choose. I couldn't decide as both were brilliant, but 'I Love Myself' seemed to definitely be the audience's favourite.

Find out more about B Supreme and their workshops and events on their website here.

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