• About us

    Margate Main Sands


    Margate is an exciting, up-and-coming British seaside town in Kent.



    The team includes Clare (Founder and Publisher), Jen (Advertising Director), Lucy (Editor), Lizzy (Designer), John (Sub-editor) and Leona (Social Media Manager).


    Meet Clare here or Lizzy here.


    Margate is changing fast, with openings, parties, exhibitions, and more. We thought it was the right time to show it off in a new publication. The first issue was published in June 2016.

  • Watch the film!

    Learn more about Margate and the launch of the Margate Mercury in this funny film

  • A big thank you to our awesome Kickstarter backers who made the Margate Mercury possible:

    Ellen Wainright-Lee, Nick and Yael Allen, Dan from A+C Studios, Claudia Wuensch, Harriet Hunter, R Faulkner, Dan Joyce, Amanda Priestley, Sara Henrichs, Tom & Pippa Freeman, Garrett Priestley, Jaime Bishop, Mary Patel, Claudia Dehmel, Toby McMillan, Kirsty Knaggs, Susie Darnton, Gemma, Courier magazine, Mark Anderson, Martin Bull, Geoff Orton, Amy Gallagher, Christina Kaess, Ginette, Wayne Hemmingway, Emily Mathieson, Ginette, Ed, David Morrish, Jade Spranklen, Franca Pip Pauli, Kier and Ed from Cliffs Margate, Tam, Isabel Duffy, Jemma Morgan, Julie Penman, Ed Warren, Camilla, Juan Pablo Heredia, Zoe Verrion, Bernd and Rosanna Kaess, Dave and Su Chapman, Annie Newstead, Jon Spencer, Chloe Young, Rat Race Margate, Alexander Roarke from Terraprime Printing, Rosemary Furmidge, Peter Davis, Mr G M Burden, Sue Meadowcroft, Michael, Karen Sayers, Tim Benton, Kate de Syllas, Gary and Margit Pond from Smugglers Cottage, Caroline Eglinton, Eloisa Curti, Robert and Jill Freeman, Josh Sims, Maxine Sutton, Deborah and Jenny Duff